Staged Homes Sell for More Money

Quick Wins in Home Staging to Skyrocket Real Estate Sales

Cover Your Sofa with MiracleSofa Slipcovers

Get Rid of Potential Distractions from the Home's Facade

Distraction Maintenance Includes:

The Living Room is Your Best Shot to Seal the Deal

Living Room Staging Tips

Allow Plenty of Natural Light Into the House

Here are some Ideas for Adding in More Natural Light

Get into the Heads of Potential Buyers

Say things like:

What You Should Not Do When Staging a House

Don't assume your Prospects Know How to Get to Your Property

Don't Set Unrealistic Expectations for Potential Buyers

Do not make Repairs or Upgrades On Your Own

Don't Be a Show-Off When Home Staging

Don't Just Buy 1 Sofa Cover