If you are thinking of buying a new couch covers for your furniture, and you are wondering how you can make the best decision, then this article is for you. Maybe you want to protect your chair from your kids and pets, or you want to showcase a color theme in a particular room. No matter how you came to look into couch covers, we've got you covered.

To make the right choice, you'll have to do a little homework, more than just searching "sofa cover" on Google. Furniture design and home decor, in general, come with so many choices. It's all the various styles that make this process difficult, but don't worry, because we've got this guide to help you along.

There are a lot of categories to touch on before buying Miracle Sofa slipcovers for your furniture. First, you have to decide on the colors, but you also have to think about how to keep it clean. Will it fit in place with the rest of your home decor?

Let's jump into the guide.


This should say, "How do you pick the best sofa slipcovers for you?" After all, your sofa protector needs to meet your unique needs for your living room to be the best. Picking the best material for your couch covers will largely depend on the outcome you are looking to achieve for your room.

You'll need to consider the style, pattern, color hues, texture, functionality, and comfort in your searches for your chosen furniture protector.

Look, aesthetics aside, no matter your particular reason you want a sofa cover, there is the perfect solution for your situation. There are some things to look out for when browsing for your needs. 

You'll discover that your choices will change based on your sofa's base material, shape, lifestyle, and budget. No matter slip covers you choose, you are sure to experience excitement as you gaze upon you brand new sofa!


Manufacturers make sofa slipcovers from almost every type of fabric out there. This includes cotton, velvet, suede, linen, wool, spandex, and even polyester. For a piece of furniture that gets heavy use, go with a durable material like the Guardian sofa slipcovers in our shop!

Heavy-duty slipcovers have a high quality, yet ultra soft feel to them and are better at protecting your furniture from stains and spills, while thinner materials fit more styles and are generally more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Both are easy to install and fit great at a reasonable price.

Now you may be asking...

Is the sofa cover machine washable?

Well, fortunately for you, all Miracle Sofa slipcovers are easy to clean in your washer. Click below to learn about cleaning miracle sofa products.


Choosing the right finish for your couch covers plays a vital part in their durability. For instance, denim, twill blends, canvas, or cotton sofa covers are going to protect your loveseat's box cushion from spills the longest, but with this type of material, your options for cleaning it are looking pretty bleak.

Each time you wash one of these material options, the colors fade, or the material size shrinks. Take into account the material underneath the slipcover. For example, a leather love seat requires soft slipcovers that stretch to avoid damaging the surface. Sofa slipcovers made of natural fibers may seem sturdy to the touch, but they'll scratch the top layer of your couch, which is not great for the longevity of your furniture.

What's more, while heavy-duty fabrics make for a comfortable slipcover, they do not always fit the shape of your furniture. The easy solution is to choose a slipcover fabric that conforms to the sofa shape

While a microfiber or velvet sofa slipcover makes for a great appearance, they tend to be lightweight. Likewise, silk or wool covers are perfect for aesthetics and image, but will not last long, as they can only be dry cleaned.


Most sofa covers fit perfectly on rectangular-shaped sofa cushions with round armrests and corners. However, we have slipcovers available that are perfect for complex-shaped furniture such as T-cushion sofas.

If you happen to have one of these pieces, a universal cover with block tile design technology will ensure that every bit protects your seat. This kind also has a cool texture and pattern that ties in easily with your space. A single-piece slipcover will stretch to give you a wider variety of available applications when it comes to couch sizes. Each chair slipcover is made of an ultra soft stretch material with side ties to secure it to your seat cushions.

Do you have a one piece or two piece? Maybe a sectional?

Keep in mind that you want something that covers couch accessories too, as in the individual slipcovers for every section. More complex furniture types require multiple sofa slipcovers for each of the separate cushions. If you select multiple one piece covers, you'll get a better result over a single two piece for an awkwardly shaped sofa. We recommend you choose multiple single sofa slipcovers if you fit into this category.


Before buying a new sofa cover, you take proper measurements of your sofa. This way, you will be able to find the right size sofa cover for your sofa. Don't forget about the box cushion covers too. Get the measurements for all the items associated with your couch so that you get the best fit.

Nobody wants to go through the trouble of ordering a home decor item that doesn't fit, so make sure you know the parameters to search for when choosing your next sofa slipcovers. Fortunately, there is a range of available options these days including a mixture of stretch fabric types like polyester, spandex, and lycra weave straps whose elasticity conforms to your loveseat more easily.

Still, if you are not sure what size sofa cover to get, check out our sofa cover measuring guide below.


When deciding on your loveseat makeover, consider how you are going to use it. Is comfort the main idea, or the way it looks? For instance, if your chair is in constant use, it will require a color-fast option that won’t fade over time.

Do you allow your pet's paws on the sofa? If so, consider designs with antimicrobial properties that are dirt resistant to keep your sofa safe from pet hair and scratches. For a typical home with kids and pets, stain-resistant and waterproof slipcovers are a must-have.

Consider a non-skid couch cover when you have children, a dog, or a cat in the house. Your seats will thank you and your covers won't slip. Ready-made luxury covers are affordable and are perfect if you are working with a tight budget. 

All you will need to do is to pin it between the seams of the arms or tuck it under the back and bottom to ensure a proper fit.


Furniture purchases are a big investment, often costing hundreds and top thousands of dollars for quality pieces. If you have kids or a pet, you are especially at risk for a damaged sofa, but we all wear down our sofas over time.

Your options to repair damaged furniture can also cost a fortune, especially when applying new permanent upholstery to it. Fortunately, there are temporary and semi-permanent slipcover options that bring new life to your favorite loveseat, which is much easier than buying a replacement.

You wouldn't leave your mattress bare, would you? Choose to protect the items you interact most with and they'll last much longer.

MiracleSofa provides a large selection of high quality, yet affordable sofa slipcovers to meet any need your sofa chairs have. You'll not only update your tired old couch, but you'll save a ton while doing it!