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5 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Sofa with a Cover

A sofa is one of those significant furniture decisions everyone has to make at some point in their lives.

Considering you might have to live with your choice for a while, ensure to pick the right couch for your home.

Choose one that can accommodate your family and pets if you have any and yet still last for years.

And while it is crucial to choose the best sofa, the work does not end there.

How to guarantee it stays in shape when using it is a whole other matter.

How do you protect your furniture from your pet, children, and family in general?

What products should you use to prolong the life of your leather or fabric seat?

If you are to guarantee the safety of your seat, cover the fabric. It secures the future of your chair for years to come.

Continue reading on how an upholstery would help prolong your sofas life.

Here’s how to protect your sofa.

How do you make your sofa childproof?

Welcoming a newborn baby into the family is always an exciting prospect. Yet, as a parent, your life is about to change in ways you have not thought of thus far.

From an altered sleeping pattern to new responsibilities, there are some tweaks you have not thought of yet.

Picture your favorite sofa; all you want is to protect it. If you are to continue enjoying its comfort, you need to make some changes. You have to acknowledge the presence of your kids.

Children not only play on the sofa but also spill drinks or foodstuff on it in the process. With that said, what products can you use to ensure the durability of your seat without having to clash with your kids? How do you make your sofa childproof?

What your sofa requires is a cover. The upholstery acts as a protector against the constant usage.

Guarantee your sofas durability.

Children love to play, jump, or even sleep on the living room seats.

If you do not protect your furniture from this aggressive use, it will have it looking ancient in no time. Having an upholstery ensures the durability of your seats.

It makes sure the fabric incurs less damage from constant use.

To ensure your sofa accommodates everyone in the family, use an upholstery.

With it on, you can have a chat with a friend, let the children play or sleep yet, it will still look perfect for your home.

Its stain-resistant.

A stain serves as a constant reminder of dirt; it’s a sight no one looks forward to having. Hence the importance of utilizing an upholstery.

When your kids get back from school, after a whole day of games, they can easily stain your sofa just by seating.

A covered seat works in an environment with children, not only is it stain resistant, but you can always remove it for cleaning when dirty.

Keeps the fabric clean.

Without a doubt, you would want to live and raise your children in a tidy environment. All the help you need to keep your home neat and safer for raising your kids is a cover.

Replace it regularly to maintain the cleanliness of your home. In the event your children stain your seats, you can use stain removers made from household ingredients.

As a pet owner, you would love to have your dog or cat around you at all times. For you, nothing beats the experience of having a cup of coffee while cuddling with your dog.

Well, your adventure might be all fun and games until you take a look at your couch.

When pets play around the house, they can easily cause tear and wear to your sofa’s fabric or leather with their claws, paws, or when they bite things.

If you do not quickly find a remedy to this, you might have to visit the furniture store in your area sooner than you had planned.

How do you pet-proof your couch?

With your pets around, there are things you could do to protect your seats.

For one, you could reduce contact between your pets and furniture by, for example, having them play outside during the day. Yet still, as a pet lover, this will not work for you.

What you need is a fabric protector or upholstery. It allows you to solve the problem without necessarily having to change your way of life.

Using an upholstery protects your furniture from your pet’s claws and fur. It covers places like the armrest where pets love to scratch and play on.

It gives you the freedom to allow your pets on your sofa. With it on, your pet cannot vandalize your sofas fabric or leather. The upholstery acts as a protector to your seat.

Since it is scratch-proof, your pet can play, jump, or even sleep on your couch and you will not have to worry.

Covers also ensure you keep your couch and home tidy. Allowing your pet on your sofa means you have to contend with the fur and dirt they carry with them.

Covering your chair will make sure you can live with this. Anytime you feel your sofa is dirty, you can always swap out the covers to maintain a clean environment.

Utilizing the upholstery ensures you can control how your sofa smells. Allowing your pets to play on your seat would occasionally have your chair stinking.

How do you get the smell out?

To remedy this, apply white vinegar using a spray container. You might be able to smell the vinegar when you spray, but once it settles in, it is odorless. It ensures a fresh smell.

Considering a pet can cause severe damage to your couch, using an upholstery is a cheaper option; compared to buying new furniture.

It ensures both your family and pets can co-exist in the same environment.

To deal with your pet's hair, regularly dust up the seats or buy a vacuum cleaner to help you with the cleaning. You can also employ a company to service your seats. Use bagged vacuum cleaners to ensure your pet's fur does not fly out every time you empty it.

How do you maintain a fabric sofa?

From your favorite fabric couch to your little coffee table, your furniture can only last longer and still look good, if you take the time to take care of them.

Without proper care, your new seat may not even last a year.

The common signs of an aging sofa are; wrinkled fabric or fading cushions.

In no time, without care, it may have your living room looking hideous. You can avoid all this using a combination of specific products and a proper care routine.

How do you maintain your fabric sofa?

The following are ideas that may be the answer to prolonging the life of your furniture.

To protect your seat fabrics, use a fabric protector.

Having your sofa covered ensures it does not get wrinkled from constant use. Likewise, use it on your cushions to bring them back to shape and guarantee they last longer.

Second, you need to keep your fabric stain free.

For one, when you spill wine, tea, or water on your sofa, make sure it does not settle, wipe it immediately. Two, the upholstery also acts as protection against stains.

It makes sure the stains never reach the fabrics. You can also be your sofas own protector by ensuring you never eat or drink on it.

This way, no spills or stains will be possible.

Another great idea is to apply a fabric guard.

Try it in an unnoticeable area before use. A fabric guard is a spray product used on fabric seats to help make them stain and water-resistant.

Ensure the seat's surface is tidy and dry before use. When spraying, ensure the spray bottle is seven inches away from the surface. Then let it dry for 4-24 hours, depending on the weather of the day.

Finally, routinely dust your sofa and cushions.

Apart from ruining your sofas look, dust also attracts pests to your couch. Tidy your chair regularly to increase its life span and protect it from pests.

In case you have not cleaned in a while, consider hiring cleaners from a company in your area.

How do you waterproof a fabric couch?

It may be the impressive looks that inspire you to buy your desired fabric sofa. Yet still, maintaining the view you see may require a lot more than you think.

You will soon realize over the years how hard a task that is; the constant gathering of friends and family almost means spills are inevitable.

It’s even more likely if you have kids.

Even though the possibility of spills is high, it does not mean you cannot keep your sofa free from it.

How do you keep your sofa dry?

How do you waterproof your fabric couch?

It doesn't matter how good your fabric seat looks, to keep it looking classy, you have to find a way to keep it spill-free.

You can achieve using fabric protectors or upholstery. Being a reliable way of keeping your sofa dry, it ensures you can rely on the seat for years to come.

Another easy way you can guarantee your sofa remains dry is by prohibiting eating and drinking on it. Sounds extreme, but these are the most common ways spills happen.

You could also resort to cleaning. If you accidentally spill a drink on your sofa, wipe it immediately, do not give the stain time to manifest on the fabrics.

If you do not have immediate access to a cleaning formula, one easy way you can get rid of the stain is by wiping it gently using carpet cleaners.

Although effective, do not resort to utilizing carpet cleaners always. Follow cleaning instructions from your manufacturer.

How do you protect a light-colored sofa?

When you buy the light-colored sofa you like, you do it to try and complement your carpet or wall color.

A lot of times, you fail to think of the maintenance aspect. But as you are presumably realizing, your love for things of color comes with its complications.

Stains look worse on light colors, think of how bad a wine spill could look on a white sofa.

If you are moved, by how bad your white sofa could look, think of cleaning it. The truth is that light-colored fabric or leather seats need more protection from stains compared to their dark counterparts.

How do you protect your light-colored sofa?

Here are the best ways or ideas you can consider in your attempt to maintain your furniture.

One, add a fabric protector or upholstery to your light-colored furniture.

Having it on will prevent dust, spills, and stains from reaching your sofa. It will protect its fabric from stains. Also, it makes sure your home is clean, once the cloth is dirty, you can wash it, and replace it with another.

Two, you can resort to regular cleaning. Regularly dust and vacuum clean it to maintain its impressive look. When cleaning seats made of light-colored fabrics, you have to do it right, follow the directions set out below.

  1. Thoroughly mix two cups of hot water with a little liquid soap. Stir until you see the foam. Do not let it cool off.

  2. Sink a white cloth into the mixture and then squeeze out the extra water. Do not use a colored rag.

  3. Gently wipe down the fabric in a circular motion. Let the soapy mixture settle in for ten minutes.

  4. Wipe it off after and continue the sequence until you can't see the stain anymore.

  5. Direct the fan towards the wet area to dry up.

Another great idea is entirely preventing staining. Do not eat, drink, or even apply makeup on your light-colored furniture. This way, you will ensure your seat remains stain free.

Lastly, every time you spill, promptly clean it. Use liquid soap and hot water to make sure the stain does not settle into the fabric.

If it sticks, service your seats following the above steps.

Other Benefits

Room for change.

Using a fabric protector allows you to be flexible. You can easily change your home decor, depending on what you love.

Use one that is right for the theme of every season through the year. Select different looks, based on what you like, for Halloween, Christmas, spring, or summer; whatever you choose, ensure to have your room looking great.

Easy to Clean.

One of the positives of covering your furniture is; every time it gets dirty, you can always wash it and replace it with a new one.

Also, use carpet cleaners to clear out stains before they stick. This way, you keep your furniture and home clean. It even works best if you have kids who like playing in the house; anytime there is a spill, clean it immediately replace it with a dry one.

Looks Elegant.

Why use a cover on your sofa? It will have your sofa looking great.

Using it for protection gives you an elegant solution to your stain problems. You get to solve a problem using a product you like in the process, ensuring your living room stays stylish.  You can check out our designs here 


When you buy your preferred fabric or leather seat, you do it in search of comfort. With that said, if you are to find a solution to any problem you are facing with your furniture, it should not take away the luxury aspect.

Covers not only act as a protector, but others like cotton made once, increase comfort.