MiracleSofa Refund Policy

At Miracle Sofa, we do everything we can to make our customers happy and we're confident you'll love our products.

But this is a team effort - customers are responsible for measuring their sofa and ordering the right size and style. We're then responsible for making sure that order arrives in top condition, as fast as we can.

So in the rare case you're not satisfied, we're here to help. Here's how…

  1. 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  2. Returns
  3. Replacements / Exchanges
  4. Refunds
  5. Changes to orders
  6. Cancellations
  7. Item not received
  8. Case Escalation
  9. Help us serve you better

Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

We've made sure our Satisfaction Policy is the best in the industry, with a dedicated customer service team ready to help you out should you have any questions or concerns.

Our satisfaction policy covers the first 30-days after your product is delivered to you. The day the tracking company marks your order as “delivered” is the first day we count towards your 30-day guarantee.


Due to complications from COVID-19, return of products is not possible at this time. As we cannot resell products, the environmental footprint of shipping returns back to us is unnecessary (and goes against our values as a business). Instead, we encourage customers who have replacements sent to them to recycle locally, donate to charity, upcycle the material or give to a friend. 

Our focus instead is getting you the product you really want. So, whilst we cannot accept returns, there are scenarios when we will supply a replacement product.

Please go through the replacement and refunds section below to understand what will happen to your order in certain scenarios. If you are still unsure, please write to us at support@miraclesofa.com



Within 30 days we will always replace defective items and items that are not what you ordered. Before ordering, please double check it is the right size and pattern as we are not responsible for mistakes made when ordering.

If you receive a product that is broken, defective, or you believe it is not as it should be, we are here to assist.

  • We will need a photo clearly showing the defect in the order you received. We may ask for additional evidence if you believe your order is damaged or defective. Having photos helps us understand the issue and also allows us to speak with our trusted manufacturing partners to prevent this from happening again.
  • Please send us the photo within 7 days of receiving your order.
  • Once approved by our customer support agent, please go ahead and recycle the defective item.
  • We will be happy to replace the item for you.


Customers are responsible for measuring their sofa and ordering the correct size. We offer a lot of support in finding a good fit - so we are not responsible for mistakes when ordering.

Since most of our products are made on demand, we do not offer refunds based on incorrect fit. For this reason, we encourage you to measure your sofa correctly as per our size guide at https://miraclesofa.com/pages/size-guide (and don’t forget to see our measurement guides for modular L-shaped and sectional sofas).

If you are still uncertain, contact our customer support team at support@miraclesofa.com about which size to order before you order.

We're sofa cover geeks and love being challenged to find a good fit for your sofa. Here is what will happen:

  1. Send us a photograph of your sofa
  2. Include the all dimensions that you have measured
  3. Tell us which product you are interested in
  4. We will make a recommendation for the size to order

Now, the only time we are responsible for a sofa cover not fitting is when our customer service team have made a personal recommendation to you. If this is the case and your sofa cover does not fit, please email a photo of your cover on the sofa and we will continue to support you in sending you a cover that fits.

All our sofa covers are universal fitment for the best blend of affordability and quality.


If you have received a product that does not match your expectations,

  1. Let us know what the issue is and why you are unhappy with the product.
  2. Our customer support agent will communicate with you and assist with resolving the issue.



Miracle Sofa covers are spill proof, resisting small amounts of liquid for a short amount of time, but not waterproof. To ensure that your Sofa is 100% safe, customers must wipe up stains and spills as soon as they happen. If left too long some liquid will get through - but our sofa covers will certainly buy you enough time to soak it up.  For defective spill-resistant products, we will offer a replacement.


The Miracle Sofa is made from a bespoke mixture of Polyester and Spandex to keep it stretchy, but at the same time strong and durable. We have standard and spill-resistant versions, plus extra-thick durable versions. If you are not sure which one is best for you, please contact our support team who will guide you. For defective products, we will offer a replacement.


Our stretchy sofa covers are decorative pieces designed to protect the sofa underneath from daily wear and tear. If your pet is used to sleeping on your sofa, our covers will protect the sofa underneath from excess hair and dirt. However, if you have a destructive pet, our stretchy sofa covers are not designed to be attacked, scratched or bitten.

We are not responsible for pet damage to our universal stretchy sofa covers. You may require one of our thicker, heavy duty products - please contact customer support for more information.


We do our best to display our products as accurately as possible with regards to design and color. In the event you receive an incorrect color or design, we offer a replacement.

In the Event You Receive the Wrong Color, Style, or Size, we offer support with the following steps:


  • We will ask you to provide a photo of the item you received.
  • To ensure prompt service, please send your photos within 7 days of receiving your order to our customer support team at support@miraclesofa.com.
  • Once we have received your photos, we will compare your item with your order and approve the exchange. Afterward, please go ahead and recycle, donate, or gift the item to a friend.
  • Our goal is to make sure your receive what you ordered, so we are happy to replace the item for you for free.


Should there be any other issues please write to our customer support team at support@miraclesofa.com for further assistance.


If you would like a refund for reasons stated outside the ones mentioned here, please write to our customer support agents at support@miraclesofa.com. In some cases, you will receive a refund, but in most cases we provide a replacement or offer store credit.


We are happy to give you a refund under the following conditions:

  1. Defective Item / Order
  2. Shipping Delays over 60 days
  3. Incorrect Item delivered by us

Refunds are issued in the original form of payment (credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payments, etc.)

All refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Order changes are free of cost so long as it has been done within 24 hours. If more than 24 hours have elapsed since you’ve placed your order, we cannot change your order. That’s because we process and ship most orders within 24 hours of you placing your order.


Changed your mind? No worries. We allow cancellation and order changes within 24 hours of placing your order. If you request an order cancellation within 24 hours, we will refund the entire amount of the order.

If more than 24 hours have elapsed since you’ve placed your order, we cannot cancel your order. That’s because we process and ship most orders within 24 hours of you placing your order.


We promise delivery within 60 days of you placing the order. If 4 weeks have elapsed since you've placed your order, please send us an email at support@miraclesofa.com so we can help you track your order. We will do our best to locate the order for you and keep our 60 day promise.

If you have not received the item within 60 days, you have the right to request a new package be shipped out to you instantly. You also have the right to ask for a full refund. However, please note that before we issue a refund, we might require you to contact the local post office and communicate with them.

In many cases, the post office marks the order as delivered (because they delivered it to a location you might not be aware of). There are also instances of the post office incorrectly marking an order as delivered.


If you’re not happy with the decision you have received from our customer support agent, you have the right to appeal their decision.

You can do so by sending another email at support@miraclesofa.com with “ESCALATE” in the subject line of the email. Your case will then be reviewed by a senior customer care executive.


We ask that you communicate with our support staff kindly as they adhere to these policies. Our customer support agents are (lovely!) humans and are genuinely passionate about helping our customers too.

The more information you can provide us with to help you will ensure we are able to resolve any issues you may be dealing with as quickly as possible. We will not inconvenience you by asking for any information that is not absolutely necessary.

If you have any questions about this exchange/ refund policy, please send us an email at support@miraclesofa.com and a customer support agent will assist you within 2 working days.